Kanzi Project Templates

Kanzi Project Templates enable you to create your Kanzi application faster. Each template contains prebuilt structure that can help you kickstart your project and significantly speed up application development.



  • Kanzi 3.9.8

If you want to use the templates with an earlier version of Kanzi, submit a request on the Kanzi Support Portal at support.rightware.com.

Installing Kanzi Project Templates

To install Kanzi Project Templates:

  1. Download Kanzi Project Templates at https://support.rightware.com/hc/en-us/articles/13356190776476.

  2. Extract the downloaded file to the <KanziWorkspace>/Projects directory.

Template types

Kanzi Project Templates includes these templates:


Car template offers a starting point for creating a car settings application. The template provides the basic structure and placeholder assets. The structure of the template allows you to customize different aspects, including the car color, environment, and HMI features. The template includes both exterior and interior navigation. Both come with the build-in environment rotation. The template uses physically based rendering. See Car.


AirFlow template offers a starting point for creating HVAC controls. The template enables you to control the airflow around the interior of the vehicle and change the temperature of the flowing air. You can use a single slider for both the driver and passenger airflow, or control them with separate sliders. See AirFlow.

Feedback and support

Your feedback is very important to us. To send your questions, findings, and comments, use the Kanzi Support Portal at support.rightware.com. When submitting a request regarding Kanzi Project Templates, set the Product field to Kanzi Project Templates.