Kanzi Stereoscopy 1.0.0

Kanzi Stereoscopy enables you to create Kanzi applications for displays that can produce a stereoscopic effect.

Kanzi Stereoscopy uses the Kanzi rendering system to render the content. To get familiar with the Kanzi rendering system, in Kanzi documentation see Working with > Rendering.


Kanzi Stereoscopy works with Kanzi 3.9.6.

Contents of the plugin package

The plugin package includes:

  • assets directory contains an asset package that provides the materials for different stereoscopy modes.

  • doc directory contains this documentation.

  • examples directory contains an example application project that shows how to use Kanzi Stereoscopy.

  • include directory contains the plugin header files.

  • lib directory contains Kanzi Stereoscopy library files for supported platforms. See Using Kanzi Stereoscopy.

Installing the plugin

To install the plugin, extract the content of the plugin package to the <KanziWorkspace>/Engine/plugins directory.