Kanzi Stereoscopy plugin 0.9.8

Stereoscopy plugin enables you to create Kanzi applications for displays that can produce a stereoscopic effect.

Stereoscopy plugin uses the Kanzi rendering system to render the content. To get familiar with the Kanzi rendering system, in Kanzi documentation see Working with > Rendering.


Stereoscopy plugin works with Kanzi version 3.6.20.

Contents of the plugin package

The plugin package includes:

  • assets directory contains the material types for different stereoscopy modes.

  • doc directory contains this documentation.

  • examples directory contains an example application project that shows how to use the Stereoscopy plugin.

  • include directory contains the plugin header files.

  • lib directory contains the Stereoscopy plugin library files for supported platforms. See Using the Stereoscopy plugin.

Installing the plugin

To install the plugin, extract the content of the plugin package to the <KanziWorkspace>/Engine/plugins/Stereoscopy directory.