Kanzi Particles

Kanzi Particles enables you to create for your Kanzi application particle systems that have their own rules of physics.



Kanzi Particles works with Kanzi version 3.6.20 on Windows and Android.

Contents of the Kanzi Particles package

The Kanzi Particles package includes:

  • assets directory contains the Kanzi Studio project that you can use to add a Particle System to your existing project and basic material types that the plugin uses to render particles.

  • doc directory contains this documentation.

  • examples directory contains an example application project that includes showcases for Kanzi Particles.

  • include directory contains the plugin header files.

  • lib directory contains the Kanzi Particles library files for supported platforms. See Getting started with Kanzi Particles.

Installing Kanzi Particles

To install the Kanzi Particles plugin, extract the content of the Kanzi Particles package to the <KanziWorkspace>/Engine/plugins/ParticleSystem directory. After you install the plugin, to start using the plugin, set up your Kanzi Studio project where you want to use the plugin. See Setting up your Kanzi Studio project.