Kanzi Connect 3.9.3

Kanzi Connect is a connectivity toolkit that enables you to add connectivity features to Kanzi applications.

Use Kanzi Connect to:

  • Build connected services that are accessible for multiple applications.

  • Set up a central database that can be used to access content in the Kanzi Connect network.

  • Synchronize states and exchange data between multiple Kanzi applications.

  • Connectivity to a Kanzi application using Kanzi Studio.

What is included in the Kanzi Connect SDK?

  • Tutorials to help you get started with the development of Kanzi Connect applications. See Tutorials.

  • Example applications that show you how to build a connected system with a Kanzi Connect Server and multiple Kanzi Connect Client applications. See Examples.

  • Installer includes Headers and libraries for Win64 (Visual Studio 2017) and Android development.

  • Platform packages available on request for Linux, Integrity OS and QNX development.

    If your target platform is currently not supported, we can create and add support for it.

Contact Rightware sales at sales@rightware.com to find out more.

For detailed description of SDK content, see What is installed with Kanzi Connect?.

Feedback and support

Your feedback is very important to us and it helps us improve Kanzi Connect. Send your questions, findings, and comments to connect.support@rightware.com.

Submit support requests through the Kanzi Support Portal at http://support.rightware.com. When submitting a request regarding Kanzi Connect, set the Product field to Connect.

Where do you begin?

What do you want to do?

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I want to get familiar with Kanzi Connect.

Tutorial: Create a Kanzi Connect application

I want to learn how to use Kanzi Connect.


I want to learn about the Kanzi Connect fundamental principles.

Kanzi Connect fundamentals