Kanzi Figma Importer 1.2.1

Kanzi Figma Importer enables you to import designs from Figma to Kanzi Studio and create a Kanzi application based on your Figma design.



This is a prerelease version of Kanzi Figma Importer. Some functionality and workflows are going to change in the future releases of Kanzi and Kanzi Figma Importer.

Your feedback is very important to us. To send your questions, findings, and comments use the Kanzi Support Portal at support.rightware.com. When submitting a request regarding Kanzi Figma Importer, set the Product field to Kanzi Figma Importer.


To use Kanzi Figma Importer, you need:

  • Kanzi 3.9.8

  • Kanzi Shapes 1.0.0-beta5

Contents of the package

The package includes:

  • bin directory contains the Kanzi Figma Importer library files.

  • docs directory contains this documentation.

  • Figma directory contains the Kanzi Engine plugin, required by Kanzi Figma Importer.

  • StudioPlugin directory contains the Kanzi Studio project with assets, required by Kanzi Figma Importer.

Installing Kanzi Figma Importer

To install Kanzi Figma Importer:

  1. In Kanzi Hub, install Kanzi Shapes.

  2. Download Kanzi Figma Importer at https://support.rightware.com/hc/en-us/articles/13356190776476.

  3. Extract the Kanzi Figma Importer package to the <KanziWorkspace>/Engine/plugins directory.


    Avoid using the File Explorer to extract the Kanzi Figma Importer plugin package. In some cases Windows blocks the DLL files.

  4. In the <KanziWorkspace>/Engine/plugins/plugins-figma-importer/bin directory, right-click KanziStudioImporter.dll and select Create shortcut.

  5. Move the shortcut file to the %AppData%/Rightware/<KanziVersion>/plugins directory.

    If the %AppData%/Rightware/<KanziVersion>/plugins does not exist, create it.

After installation:

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